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About Mistletoes

Mistletoes is the run of a kitten litter at an animal rescue.  Her siblings don’t believe that she’ll be adopted because she’s too small and quiet—she can’t even ‘meow’. However,
a single mother and her new boyfriend end up adopting Mistletoes for her daughter Sofia,
in an attempt to win her over to the idea of their growning family.  She’s a welcome distraction and the two of them become best friends, but shortly after adopting her, Mistletoes and Sofia get seperated in a busy shopping mall. Finding her way home, Mistletoes embarks on a life-changing journey.  She ends up at the city dump confronting mean junkyard rats, rides a sewer snake, and almost winds up in a life of crime with a gang of alley cats.  Through all of her adventures and interactions, she is finding her
confidence and voice.

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