About Adventures of Pupcake

Adventures of Pupcake tells the story of a half-dog, half-dessert living on the planet Crumb. All the citizens of Crumb (Crumbles) live happily amongst each other—all except for the Pieders.  The greedy Pieders lurk in the maple caves, waiting to steal the rest of the Crumble's sugar supply!   The citizens would be doomed without sugar; they need it to stay sweet!  To protect it from the Pieders, it's kept locked up in Candy Mountain, and Pupcake's family have been guardians of the mountain for centuries.  When the key to the mountain goes missing, it's up to Pupcake and her pals to save the day!

On the tiny planet of Crumb, an adventurous half-puppy, half-cupcake help save the planet's sugar supply from pesky Pieders.