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The Durflings

An 8 year old Durfling boy named Loopy, and his 11 year old sister Lena were raised by their
Uncle Klaatu, the teacher of Imagination.

In Uncle Klaatu’s vast library of Imagination, Loopy and Lena have found a very special
songbook. When it opens, a goose named Poops emerges from the pages (that’s why it’s
called the Book of Poops).

Poops the Goose prompts the book reader to pick a song from its catalog. Together, the
reader and the goose must sing the chosen song. If Poops the Goose is pleased with the
performance, he, urm, releases or ‘poops’ out some golden treasure, which the reader can
keep or use to buy goods at ‘Jacques’ Supplies’.

Once the Maskinis, the creatures of the Durflings ‘underworld’ discover that The Book of
Poops is valuable, they attempt to steal it from the Durflings.

And so the battle for the book is a constant adventure between the Durflings overworld, and the Maskinis underworld, filled with traps and mazes. The Durflings are forced to brave the underworld to pursue the songbook and to keep imagination alive, and the Maskinis just want it for the treasure.

Did Uncle Klaatu successfully teach the Durflings how to safeguard imagination? Will the
Durflings be able to work together as siblings to keep imagination, and Poops the Goose
alive? Or will the Maskinis, with their tricks and traps manage to exploit imagination for
their own selfish gain?

This story not only inspires imagination, but it teaches siblings how to work together for
a common good. The adventures and battles will keep any 6-11 year old fully engaged!
This TV pitch is already a successful live puppet show and will be modified for a
TV audience.