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About Squeaks and Cheeks

Each episode is a stand-alone mystery. The two main characters, Squeaks and Cheeks, are presented with a silly mystery from one of their friends in the neighborhood. Cheeks is an outgoing bunny in a wheelchair, who loves taking photos, and Squeaks is a piggy who totes around his smart tablet – his PiggyPad. Together they solve mysteries like ‘The Case of the Missing Cookies’, ‘The Horrible Smell’ or ‘The Hiccup Hijinks’. Each episode ends with the two young detectives scrapbooking and reflecting on their adventures in their special tree house hideout.

Cheeks, a fun-loving bunny in
a wheelchair, and Squeaks
a problem-solving piggy with a plan, are two young detectives who solve silly mysteries for
their friends in this engaging
stop-motion animated series.